As a part of Institute in 1980 was established Department of language science  (linguistics).

The main activities of the linguistics department are investigations examining all philologicly-linguistics and paleographical and textological aspects of manuscripts and old prints as well as the medieval books’ production, in the whole territory of Macedonia, from XIII to XIX century.

The linguistics department covers extremely rich collection of all literary genres originating from Macedonian medieval period. All works are divided according to prof. Mošin’s classification, there are manuscripts of secular and scientific character, like dictionaries, educational aids and medical documents, second group composed by works  with religious and moral content like Gospels, Euchology, and works with  scientific content.

The main goals of scientific researches are: revealing works; scientific description; philological-linguistic and  paleographical-textological analysis which helps to gain all relevant information about origin of manuscripts and Macedonian language in general; its diachronical continuity, origin, phases of development of Macedonian written and spoken language, from the very first traces to establishing the literary standard. Another important activity is making a record of all works, registration, cataloguing, systematic planning and presentation effects of the examination in monographs and other issues.

From 1980 till today the following works were published:


  • Monuments of medieval and recent history of Macedonia (1980-1988)...more
  • Literary, cultural and historical heritage in Macedonia (1991-2003)...more
  • Toponims like monuments of the culture...more
  • Written relicts of the past from the medieval culture in Macedonia(1989-2006)...more
  • Manuscripts and old printed books in Prilep`s region in the period of XIV-XIX certury(2009)...
  • Medieval books` manufacure in Treskavec monastery complex(2009-2011)...more