Institute for Old Slavic culture

Public educational institution the Institute for Old Slavic culture in Prilep was founded on July 15, 1979 (Decisions of the general community of scientific activities, Skopje, Nb. 14-101/1), started working on 1.7.1980.

With its research activities in the field of social sciences and humanities, the institute from its beginning, become a famous scientific center for multidisciplinary study of cultural history of macedonian people, in a context of an overall Slavic cultural-historical milieu. In its existence the Institute so far succeeded to provide representative material of systematic research in the field of archeology, history of art, history, linguistics, and ethnology.

The main purpose for creating high scientific institution like this was setting the foundations who were necessary for functioning of projects,and therefore building specialized scientific staff from more areas, who will expand the knowledge of our cultural and historical heritage, but in the same time will promote the scientific thought of Macedonia in Еurope and worldwide.

From all this also arise the specifics in implementation of the activities of the Institute of Old Slavic Culture:

  • collecting, organize, scientific processing, presentation and publication of materials for the common historical and cultural identity of the Macedonian people;
  • organizing and conducting research in the field of historical sciences (medieval history, byzantology and national history of the Middle Ages); Archaeology (medieval archeology and history of archeology); Science of Language - Linguistics (makedonistika, and Slavic onomastics); Art History (Medieval Byzantine art, medieval art national and ethnic art from the Turkish period); Ethnology and ethnogenesis (ethnology and folklore of Macedonia) and Anthropology (Cultural and Social Anthropology);
  • monitoring of scientific achievements at home and abroad in the areas that perform scientific research;
  • organizing symposiums, scientific meetings, conferences, workshops the like at home and abroad;
  • cooperating with related institutions at home and abroad.

Multidisciplinary approach to research work, in a way, gives the Institute tinge of uniqueness complexity in defining the questions or concerns of the relevant research areas.

publications also takes particular place in a presentation of the Institute:

  • Balkanoslavika world-known magazine with contributions from all areas of activity of the Institute, 1-32/33;
  • Споменици за средновековната и поновата историја на Македонија, том I-V, извонредни изданија од областа на историографијата, дипломатичко-документарната граѓа како и палеографијата;
  • Special editions which include the solid articles in the field of medieval archeology in Macedonia, 1-5;
  • Macedonian medieval manuscripts edition in continuity with Books in the field of written Macedonian literary heritage language-paleographical analysis, 1-7.

The Institute organizes and hosts important scientific events, such as:

  • The VI International congress for Slavic archeology, held in Prilep, september 1990, attended by eminent scientific accounts of the world;
  • Study day in honor of St. Naum, held in Prilep, june 1993, with the appropriate sections of researchers from the Institute and the Science and Art - Prilep
  • Scientific Meeting on the occasion of the death of King Mark, held in Prilep, in June 1995, with themes in the field of linguistics, archeology, folklore, history of art;
  • International scientific symposium entitled: 70 years of research on Joseph Obrembski in Porec, in partnership with the Assembly of Samokov municipality, held in Samokov, September 2001.
  • International Conference: Social, cultural aspects of Euro integration, held in Prilep November 2008, in collaboration with the Institute for Social and Legal Research - Skopje Association Mariovsko-Meglen meetings
  • International Symposium: Balkans concept of civilization in Europe in November 2009. in partnership with the Institute for National History - Skopje.

Institute for Old Slavic culture - Prilep from 14 April 2006 (Journal No.49/2006) manage with the natural monument "Marko's Towers" and particular care for its preservation and maintenance, technical and security aspects and the cultural, scientific, educational, tourist and recreational aspects.
The Institute is an associate member of the University'' St. Kliment Ohridski'' - Bitola and has represented the Rector's Office, Senate and University committees.

The ongoing expansion of the activities of the Institute of Old Slavic Culture - Prilep performing higher activity of the second and third cycle, through the organization of postgraduate studies and obtaining a doctorate of science in areas of social sciences and humanities.