Ethnologic and ethno genesis Department


Ethnologic and ethnogeny department, is part of Institute for Old Slavic Culture, who was established in 1990. It’s founder and first director dr Tanas Vražinovski, was in charge till 2005, his successor, till 2008 was Sonia Jovanovska-Rizoska. Now there are two directors in department, Dr. Vladimir Karađoski and Dr. Eli Milošeska. Before, there were as well two co-operating directors Lola Simoska and Lupčo Risteski.

The ethnologic and ethnogeny department is famous by its scientific examinations which answer a lot of questions, connected with national demonology, mythology and national culture in general. There were held many studies and investigations  about social living phenomenon in case of human race, about national believing among ethnical communities and specific regional traditions, customs and ceremonies today and in the past within the whole Macedonian territory.

Most important part of the scientific projects, led by institute, are field researches, which present the results and materials concerning with the current projects, they are conducted in a professional way by high-qualified workers. 

During many years of Institute’s working there have been published a lot of works presenting researches, their course, aims and effects, which have a great importance not only for the Institution but as well for the entire Macedonian science.


In the Etnologic and ethnogeny department were realized following researches:


  1. Macedonian national mythology (1992-1997) ...more
  2. Dictionary of miths and national cultulture in Macedonia (1998-2000) ...more
  3. Jozef Obremski - one of the most outstanding foreign examiners of national Macedonian culture (2001-2003) ...more
  4. Hell and haven in macedonian and albanian national culture (2004-2006) ...more
  5. Role of wife and husband in Cristian and Muslim tradition in Macedonia (2004-2006) ...more
  6. Ethno-cultural Macedonian identity in Croatia and Croats in Macedonia condition and prospects (international project between the Institute for Old Slavic Culture - Prilep/Skopje Institute for Antropology - Zagreb) (2007-2008) ...more
  7. Folk medicine among macedonians (tradition and modernity) (2009-2011) ... more