Department of history started its activity in 1980, as one of distinct section of Institute for Paleoslavic Culture.

The main tasks of history department are researches, description and presentation of the material sources concerning with Macedonian pre-slavs and Slavs, culture and ethnogeny from  prehistory till mature feudalism in frames of Balkan, mediterranean and European nations. Such investigation are led in order to perform comparative analysis of similar, but different historical phenomena and manifestations of the said area.

Such a way of comparative research was chosen because of simple reason, it provides broader and deeper penetration, development and understanding the types of historical phenomena at the same time in Balkans, Mediterranean and the regions of Europe.

Common and previous scientific activities of the department are going to be directed to its way thanks to which they would be helpful showing and understanding the differences between people now and in the past, they will be as well a great kind of aid for the ethnological researches.

From the begging of its existence department published following works:

  • 1994-1996 Sources of Slavonic macedonian general history from Gjorgjia Pulevski (with special emphasis of Slavic sources) ... more
  • 2000-2002 Society and national culture on the territory of Macedonia in the period of VI-XI century... more
  • 2003-2005 Society and national culture on the territory of Macedonia in the period of XI - XIV century... more