The History of art Department at the Institute for Old Slavic culture was established in 1980 and from begging its main duty was methodical and precise investigation of wall paintings from byzantine and late-byzantine period, and from Macedonian renaissance which appear like a boundary between late byzantine and contemporary art. Disclosure the names of patrons and donors the share of local builders and artists who follow the traditions of Byzantine  architecture and painting as well as studying the activity of  painters of Mijak School and artist from Krushevo will provide them and their own place in the recent history of  Macedonian art.

Institute has clearly determined its frames and range of its activities, and assumed the methodology of the researches:

Identification of the name of place where monuments are located, history and description of the monument; description of architecture features and frescos; rewriting and naming inscriptions; preparing the full documentation of architecture monuments, (base, longitudinal and cross section); recordings of monuments and making a complete photo documentation of architecture and frescos.

The History of Art department was separated from  the History department in 1986, since then it worked in fully independent way, and run a lot of investigation projects:

  • Sacral objects in Macedonia (1988-2000)...more
  • Cultural and artistic past of Mariovo (1988-1991) ...
  • Art in Pelagonia, from Turkish invasion to Balkan wars (2001-2003) ...more
  • Monuments of wall painting from post-byzantine period in pelagonian diocese (2004-2006) ...more
  • Monuments of wall painting from Macedonian renaissance period in pelagonian metropolis (2009-2011) ...more

Results of researches and studies concerning with historic monuments was published in monograph studies:

  • Sculpture wor of Mijaks from the second part of XVII till the XIX century, DR. Dimitar Kornakov;
  • Slepce monastery near Prilep, DR. Nikola Mitrevski;
  • Monuments of fresco art from XVI and XVII century in Demir Hisar area, DR. Nikola Mitrevski;
  • Fresco art in Pelagonia from the middle of XV till the end of XVII century, DR. Nikola Mitrevski;

Nowadays there are 4 employers in the department of history of art: DR. Nikola Mitrevski, DR. Jelena Andreevska, DR. Ivan Zarov, Dr. Atanas Atanovski.

At present, department is working on a new project “Wall painting in the renaissance period, in the Pelagonian metropoly”.