Welcome to the public Scientific Institute for Old Slavic Culture in Prilep.

Cultural history of one nation is a particular achievement of this nation, and on the whole population. Republic of Macedonia, now thanks to its significance during the centuries, presents a plenty of the important oddments, strictly connected with the material and spiritual culture.

The main activities of the institute are focused on examine and secure heritage which is composed by historical and archeological artifacts, fresco-art, written documents, as well as custom knowledge of traditions, religions, and life in the period of the middle-ages.

Everyone who would like to gain an expert knowledge and informations based on facts concerning with Slavs, should visit the institute’s archive rich with monographs, different kinds of professional magazine’s issues, the huge collection of archeological residues, original manuscripts,  and amazing choice of publications in the library. Furthermore, our visitors and co-workers can count on many professionals which work in the Institute, and who are always open for cooperation and help. All this makes Institute an appropriate and pleasant place for running the examinations and making new scientific experiences.